Running for Office as an Online Candidate is now on Amazon. And you have a chance to WIN a copy! Learn more... is pleased to announce that it now carries downloadable campaign form templates to assist local candidates in creating common forms and spreadsheets needed in political campaigns.

This package contains the following time-saving materials:

Documents (Word):

  • Candidate Biographical Worksheet
  • Candidate Comparison Worksheet
  • Campaign Website Worksheet
  • Campaign Volunteer/Contribution Form
  • Candidate Event Request Form
  • Event Attendee Information Sheet
  • Sample Canvass Script
  • GOTV Phone Script

Spreadsheets (Excel):

  • Campaign Planning Spreadsheet
  • Campaign Budget Spreadsheet
  • Campaign Donation Spreadsheet
  • Campaign Contact List Spreadsheet
  • Canvass – Walk Sheet Spreadsheet

Like all of our digital products, our Campaign Forms are designed to be easily incorporated with your campaign’s look and feel. Use them as-is, or edit them to suit your needs.

Download the Campaign Form Templates or view all of Online Candidate’s digital products.


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