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State Election and Voting Information Links

Below is a list of the election information pages for all fifty states, including the District of Columbia. You'll find links to state filing information, candidate lists, campaign finance information and more.

Online Candidate Launches New Political Training Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of OnlineCandidateResources.com, our exclusive online political campaign strategy and training website. The new website will serve as a training an support hub for political candidates to create an online political campaign and to use the web to build volunteer support, donations and votes.

The Importance of Using Checklists in Campaigns

Checklists are powerful tools in campaigns. Checklists turn completely green volunteers into competent workers. Checklists ensure quality and help staff manage themselves instead of using precious resources managing employees. The opportunities to use checklists in campaigns are nearly endless!

What Are The Goals Of Your Online Campaign?

As a candidate, what is your purpose for putting your political campaign online? Is it to get the most number of 'Likes' to your Facebook page? Is it to get a larger number of Twitter followers than you opponent? Is it to get your campaign ad video on YouTube to go viral? Is it to get the most number of visitors to your campaign website?

Running for Office in 2011 – Trends and Predictions

With the November elections out of the way, the road is clear for candidates running for office in 2011. The online political landscape has changed significantly over the last few years. As we look into our crystal ball into 2011, we see some trends will continue to evolve and some new technologies will take off. These are our predictions for what is coming next year, and what candidates can do to help prepare themselves for the 2011 election season.


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The Online Candidate Story

Our first campaign website was built for a local candidate in 2003. The site was successful and had a huge impact on the election. It helped raise issue awareness, and it forced the opponent to spend (lots of) money on a competing site. In the end, our candidate won! The success with that campaign gave us the idea of using our web skills to help other local candidates.

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